Paige partners with AIS Sales Group to better serve our customers in Florida and Georgia

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Paige partners with AIS Sales Group to better serve our customers in Florida and Georgia

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  • 02.09.2024

At Paige, we’re committed to making strategic investments that facilitate growth and provide ongoing support to our customers and our future. That’s why we’ve made the decision to partner with long-time, market-leading manufacturer’s representative group AIS Sales Group.

What is AIS’s role?

AIS will represent our Water Solutions market in Florida and Georgia, serving to bridge the gap between irrigation customers and our top tier solutions. Through this partnership, we hope to further expand our golf market and its innovative service offerings as well as provide a knowledgeable and trusted point of contact to current and potential customers. 

How does this partnership benefit Paige customers?

AIS is well-versed in the technical specifications and features of our golf irrigation solutions, which means that golf irrigation professionals can receive expert advice on selecting the right irrigation wires and cables for their specific needs.

Additionally, because AIS team members have an extensive understanding of the irrigation industry, including emerging trends, technological advancements, and best practices, this knowledge can be shared with customers to help them make informed business decisions.

This guidance isn’t only over the phone or online, either. AIS has a local presence in our Florida and Georgia markets, so customers have access to in-field support and assistance with product selection, troubleshooting, and other customer service needs.

Raised on a commodity crop farm in the Mississippi River Delta, Michael Pippen has been immersed in the agricultural industry his entire life. With a career path that started as a provider of CRM, design and sales services, Michael is now focusing on the commercial landscape market, specializing in market development, team management and strategic planning. His experience at the field, distributor and manufacturer level gives him a unique perspective on all sides of the agriculture equation and fuels his passion for providing practical solutions that help growers and property managers use proven technologies to make more strategic and profitable decisions.

Michael Pippen

Director of Sales, Water